Paying Accounts

As SMDCC is a registered private day only hospital, the accommodation fee charged is based on the contract we hold with your health fund. Not all health funds wish to contract with us, but should there be a gap that would normally be paid by the patient, this fee is waived.

Admission Fees

If you have an excess with your health fund for day-only admissions, it will apply to your admission at Southern Medical Day Care Centre, as would be the case for any other private hospital. It is the responsibility of the patient to be aware of their contract with their health fund, any excess that might apply and when it falls due. If your excess is due, your health fund will withhold payment to Southern Medical Day Care Centre. Payment for those accommodation accounts then becomes the responsibility of the patient.

You will be issued with an invoice from Southern Medical Day Care Centre for payment of the account. Payment can be made by cash, cheque or EFTPOS. If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please discuss alternative payment options with Southern Medical Day Care Centre reception. Each time you receive treatment at Southern Medical Day Care Centre you will be billed electronically.

Our accounts department can be called for any billing issues or questions that you may have. Our managers for SMDCC billing accounts are Mrs. Satinder Kaur, and for pharmacy Mrs. Reena Whadhwa.

paying accounts
Admission and Day Treatment

Admission & Day Treatment

We walk you through the easy process for referrals and admission to SMDCC.

Interpreter Services

Interpreter Services

The need to understand and be understood is fundamental to safe and effective care.

Quality Care and Your Rights

Quality Care & Your Rights

Every patient has the right to health care that is respectful, responsive and safe.

Feedback and Complaints

Feedback & Complaints

We value your opinion, please contact us if you would like to leave any feedback.

Car Parking and Public Transport

Car Parking & Public Transport

At SMDCC, we aim to make our services as accessible as possible..

Paying Accounts

Paying Accounts

Our accounts department can be called for any billing issues or questions that you may have.

Informed Financial Consent

Informed Financial Consent

The SMDCC encourages good IFC practice and the provision of information about medical fees to patients.

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